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Products in this online store are inspired creations for sharing with members of the Catholic church.


  Faith-inspired gifts ideal for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day or as Valentine's Day gifts.


Our rosaries and chaplets are now exclusively being designed and crafted locally here and will not be available anywhere else.


All of these pieces are handcrafted and most are one-off items that could not be duplicated due to the limited availability of gemstones.


Rosaries on this website are limited edition, unique and are of exceptional quality for local distribution in Singapore and for Catholics worldwide.


Collectibles displayed in this shop are our full collection which we like to share with all who are devoted to the Catholic faith and its traditions.


Our underlying aspiration for this site is to strengthen Catholic Identity among the Catholic laity.


"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden" Matthew 5:14


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Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May 2016




Five Decade Lariat Rosary


Latest Arrival

A Lariat or 'Lasso' rosary is a wearable necklace rosary that is an open ended beaded rope that threads through a ring at the end forming an adjustable loop. The lariat rosary is prayed by undoing the loop or lasso and wrapping it around the left hand and counting the beads with the right hand. As when the beads are counted through, the rosary is then wrapped onto the right hand. Lariat rosaries are popular during the 1920s, when long necklaces were the rage, but are rarer now.

The above lariat rosary is made of deep blue Aquamarine bead Aves and Swarovski Topaz crystal Paters with silver plated flared crucifix, Immaculate Heart separator bead and 28mm diameter ornate floral end ring (single sided design).


SGD 62.00

(Please enquire)


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Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chaplet


The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary is devotional chaplet to honor the Virgin Mary's crown of 12 stars. To pray the Little Crown chaplet, goto to this link to get the devotional prayers for the three crowns written by spiritual French Saints.

The chaplet was made with 6mm green jade and 8mm Swarovski crystal pearls. Adorned with a Crown of 12 Stars Virgin Mary center piece and rare rose locket with the Miraculous medal concealed within.


SGD 36.00

(Limited stocks. Please enquire.)


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Chaplet of Saint Joseph

Patron Saint for families, fathers, property agents, the unemployed and all working people.


1 May 2016


Catholic Collectibles Singapore is please to promote this uncommon devotion to St. Joseph. This is known as the Seven Sorrows and Joys of St. Joseph. It is an excellent means of obtaining special favors through the intercession of St. Joseph by honoring his seven sorrows and seven joys by the devotion of the seven Sundays. This devotion may be practiced at any time of the year, but fervent followers of St. Joseph like to venerate him especially on the seven Sundays preceding his Feast Day. Tradition has it that the devotion started when 2 Franciscan fathers were saved by St. Joseph after they prayed for his intercession when their ship was sunk during a violent storm at sea.

Get the prayers for the chaplet at:

The above chaplet was created with Persian Agate and Purple Alexandrite gemstone beads with the medal of Saint Joseph.


SGD 38. 00

(Orders accepted. Pater beads shown are out of stock. Substitutes available. Please enquire.)


Baptism, Christening, baptismal gifts, rosary, bracelets, necklace, chaplets for sale in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Moyle, Limavady, Derry, Magherafelt, Strabane, Cookstown, Omagh, Dungannon, Armagh, Fermanagh, Newry, Mourne, Down, Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland.


Our Lady of Lujan

8 May 2016


Aquamarine and White Jade with Swarovski gold crystal pearl pater Lady of Lujan rosary bracelet. Adorned with ornate crucifix and rare Lady of Lujan medal.

Devotions to our Lady of Lujan began in the early 17th century in Argentina when numerous miracles were attributed to her intercession. Read about Our Lady of Lujan here.

Bracelet size 7.25 inches (can be customised to fit other wrist sizes)


SGD 36.00

(Please enquire)


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Our Lady of Fatima

"There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary"

- Sister Lucia of Fatima

13 May 2016


"You must recite the Rosary everyday in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain Peace in the world..." - Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917.

White Jade and Swarovski gold crystal pearl Pater Lady of Fatima rosary. Adorned with bronze filigree bead caps, ornate bronze filigree crucifix and replica of an antique 11th century Portuguese Lady of Fatma medal center piece. Fatma was the Moorish named of the town before the Christian Reconquisita, after which evolved to the 'Fatima' of today.


SGD 48.00

(Please enquire - New bronze Fatima Portuguese centerpiece available)


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Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament

13 May 2016


Latest Arrival

Virgin Immaculate, Mother of Jesus and our Mother. We invoke you under the title of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament because you are the Mother of our Saviour who lives in the Eucharist. Pray for us.

This rosary is dedicated to Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Created in green turquoise and pink alexandrite with Blessed Sacrament Host and Chalice center and French fleur-de-lis crucifix.


SGD 48.00

(2nos available in stock)


Catholic baptism, baptismal. christening gift ideas, personalize, custom gifts in United States, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Florida, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa



Chaplet of the Holy Spirit


15 May 2016


The Chaplet of the Holy Spirit was first created in 1892 by a Franciscan Capuchin missionary to provide the faithful with an easy means of honoring the Holy Ghost. Its was approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1902.

Prayers for the Holy Spirit Chaplet can be found at


SGD 46.00

(Please enquire)





Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted

15 May 2016


This title was established in Germany in 1641. Legend speaks of a mysterious voice and vision that led to the purchase of a painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary that is house in a church in Kevalaer, Germany. The title has many variants; including Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted; Our Lady, Help of the Afflicted; Lady of Divine Pity; Our Lady of Consolation; Our Lady of the Forsaken etc.


SGD 48.00

(Please enquire)





Saint Peregrine

Patron Saint for Cancer Patients

16 May 2016


Novena Saint Peregrine pocket chaplet. Patron of Cancer Patients.

3 sets of 3 beads in 6mm blue sapphire with Saint Benedict flared crucifix and St Peregrine Medal (21mm).

Chaplet length: 8 inches.


SGD 34.00

(Please enquire.)





Our Lady Help of Christians

Sancta Maria Auxilium Christianorum

24 May 2016


Instituted by Pope Pius VII in 1815, it became a Roman Catholic Marian devotion which was adopted by the Papal States and was spread nearly over all of the entire Latin Church. This devotion has it's history during the defense of Europe from the Ottoman Empire in the 15th Century. The observance of the feast day focuses on the role of Our Lady's intercession for the fight against sin and her assistance to the Christian community against anti-Christian forces. The Virgin Mary under this title is also venerated by Chinese Catholics in China at the shrine of Our Lady of Sheshan.

The above rosary is dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians and was created in turquoise and Swarovski Cream Rose crystal pearls with the crowned Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus center piece and European Baroque styled Crucifix.


SGD 48.00

(Still available, please enquire)





Our Lady of the Highway

24 May 2014


The devotion to Our Lady of the Highway is centered on a shrine built along the interstate route 55/ Route 66 in Illinois, USA. The shrine continued to be honored by Catholic groups and road users can view the tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary under this title as a historic icon of Route 66 and as a testament to the Holy Mother for her guidance and protection.

This single decade car rosary is in honor of Our Lady of the Highway and was created in Russian amethyst and black agate gemstones with a Chi Rho center piece and Our Lady of the Highway medallion. Total length of the rosary is about 8.25 inches.


SGD 38.00

(Please enquire)





Mary, Queen of All Saints

Regina Sanctorum Omnium


"She shall be admired in the Holy Assembly, and in the multitude of the elect she shall have praise; and among the blessed she shall be blessed."

31 May 2016


"When she became the Mother of the Creator, she truly become the Queen of every creature..." ; St John Damascene.

The rosary above is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Mary, Queen of All Saints and is created in grey tourmaline and picasso jaspers with the Blessed Virgin Mary center and decorative Crucifix.


SGD 46.00

(Please enquire)





Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

8 June 2016


Veneration of the Heart of Mary is analogous to worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The devotion of the Immaculate Heart is more about the love of her heart for Jesus and for God. Pope Francis has consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The above rosary is in honor of the Immaculate Heart. The feast day being declared on 28 June. It is created in blue turquoise and carnelian agate with Immaculate Heart center (Jerusalem cross on the flipside) and ornate crucifix.


SGD 46.00

(Please enquire)





Our Lady of Perpetual Help

27 June 2016


Our Lady of Perpetual Help, aka Our Lady of Perpetual succour is a Roman catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary as represented in a celebrated 15 century Byzantine icon. The origins of the icon relates a tale of it being stolen and kept in private possession until the Blessed Virgin appeared to the owners daughter, grandmother and neighbour asking for it to be turned over to the parish church for veneration. It was eventually returned to the Augustinian Friars and was moved to several churches in its early history. The icon has been in Rome since 1499, and is permanently enshrined in the church of Saint Alfonsus de Liguouri where the official Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual help text is prayed weekly. Due to the Redemptorist priests, who have been appointed custodians and missionaries of this icon by Pope Pius IX in 1865, the image has became very popular amoung Roman Catholics and has been much copied and reproduced throughout the world. There is overwhelming devotion to this Marian title in the Philippines and the image is affectionately titled the Holy Virgin of Baclaran. The feast day is celebrated on 27 June each year.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help rosary in Lapis Lazuli Aves and Green Jade Paters adorned with OLO Perpetual Help centerpiece and rare Byzantine Orthodox crucifix.


SGD 48.00

(Limited stocks. Please enquire.)




Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

27 June 2016


The "Great Apparition" which took place on June 16, 1675, witness by St Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647 - 1690) during the octave of the Feast of Corpus Christi is the source of the modern day Feast of the Sacred Heart. In that vision, Christ asked St Margaret that the Feast of the Sacred Heart be celebrated on the Friday after the octave of Corpus Christi or 19 days after Pentecost Sunday. The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents his love for all mankind. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus goes back to the 11th century and is often tied to the devotion to the five wounds of Christ.

Above Sacred Heart rosary is also available in white jade and red agate.


SGD 46.00

(Please enquire - Limited edition)





July 2016

 Month of the Most Precious Blood





Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus


The Chaplet of the Precious Blood, also known as the Precious Blood Rosary, is a meditation on the generous love of Jesus, who shed his blood for us. The prayers of the Chaplet was composed in 1809 by Francesco Albertini, who founded the Arch Confraternity of the Precious Blood. This devotion consists of seven mysteries in which we meditate on the seven principal sheddings of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus.  The chaplet itself consists of 33 beads (six sets of five smaller beads each and three on the drop). In all, thirty three in honor of the thirty-three years of Our Lordís life on earth. It is an excellent way of heightening our awareness of God's presence in difficult and painful situations. It can help us connect our own suffering, the suffering of those we love, and the suffering of our enemies, with the suffering of Christ. Many people who like to pray the rosary every day, pray the Precious Blood Rosary on Fridays, the day when we traditionally meditate on the Passion.

Click here to read about the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ: and here for the prayers for the chaplet:

To pray the chaplet, start at the centerpiece to meditate on the first bloodshedding Mystery of Christ. On the 33 small beads, recite the Our fathers. The bigger beads are for the meditation of the second to the sixth Mysteries. The first and the final seventh Mysteries are meditated on the centerpiece. The chaplet is created in rare Bloodstones. The centerpiece and the cross represent the fourth (Crown of thorns) and sixth (Nails used in the terrible crucifixion) principal sheddings of the Most Precious Blood. Exclusively available online here only.


SGD 46.00

(Orders accepted, please enquire)





Our Lady of Piat

2 July 2016


Yellow Jade and Sapphire rosary dedicated to Our Lady of Piat. Many miracles have been attributed to Our Lady of Piat and today, thousand of devotees still flock to the Basilica of Our Lady of Piat, Cagayan, Philippines to participate in prayer and festivities on Her Feast Day.


SGD 48.00

(Currently available - Limited stocks left)





Our Lady of Atonement

Domina Nostra Adunationis

9 July 2016


Latest Arrival

This rosary is dedicated to a celebrated Roman catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary first inspired by Father Paul T. Wattsons. The Icon depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary in a red mantle, surrounded by four angels holding the instruments of the Passion: A crown of thorns, a pole with a sponge, lance, nails and a tablet with 'INRI' inscribed on it. She holds in her hands the Christ child who has a cross in his right hand.

The rosary is design in white jade and light green aquamarine Aves with red agate Paters.


SGD 46.00

(1 piece currently available)





St Benedict

11 July 2016


A spiritual weapon for a spiritual war. To say the rosary everyday is to help the Blessed Virgin Mary continue Her battle against satan for Mary will crush the serpent.

The St Benedict rosary is known to have power against the devil through the invocation of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God and St Benedict.

Created with Black Agate Aves and Peridot Paters with St Benedict medal center piece and traditional St Benedict crucifix.


SGD 46.00

(Please enquire)





Maria Rosa Mystica

13 July 2016


On the second apparition to an Italian women, Pierina Guilli of Montichiari, Northern Italy, Our Lady appeared in a white dress adorned with three beautiful roses in white, red and yellow. The white rose represented the spirit of prayer, the red rose represented the spirit of sacrifice and the yellow rose the spirit of penance and conversion. Our Lady says "Our Lord send me to bring you a new Marian devotion to all religious orders and institutes, male and female and to all the priests in the world." Our Lady also requested that the 13th of each month be celebrated as a Marian day and that 13th of July be celebrated each year in honor of her, the Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose)

The above rosary was created in honor of the Rosa Mystica created in Topaz jade, white jade, and pink rhodochrosite with silver plated Blessed Virgin Mary center and traditional pole crucifix.


SGD 46.00

(Currently available)





Our Lady of Mount Carmel

16 July 2016


Rosary dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Made in Goldstone Aves and Swarovski Pink crystal Paters with Our Lady of Mount Carmel scapular medal (Sacred Heart image on the flipside) and ornamental flared Crucifix. Gold glitters on the Aves have to be seen to appreciate.

"Whoevers wears the scapular until death will be preserved from the fires of hell"...Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Simon Stock, July 16, 1251.


SGD 48.00

(Currently available)





The Rondelle Collection

Christ, the Most Holy Redeemer

O Cristo Redentor

17 July 2016


Latest Arrival

The statue stands in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. It is 120 feet tall and was named one of the new seven wonders of the world in 2007. Below the statue, a chapel was built dedicated to the patron saint of Brazil, Our Lady of Aparecida.

The rosary was created in bright reddish orange crystal rondelle Aves and Swarovski topaz crystal Paters with a special Christ the Redeemer centerpiece.


SGD 48.00

(Only 1 piece available)





The Rondelle Collection

Our Lady of Humility

Nustra Domina de Humiltate

17 July 2016


Latest Arrival

Accordingly to legend, on July 17, 1490, during the midst of civil unrest in Tuscany, Italy, some people reported they saw blood dripping from the forehead of the Madonna fresco. This was interpreted as a sign that the Virgin Mary suffered from the bloodshed in the region. This miracle gave rise to the construction of the Basilica of Our Lady of Humility where the original fresco remains.

This rosary is dedicated to Our Lady of humility and is designed in bluish purple crystal rondelles for the Aves with multi-colored Howlite Paters.


SGD 48.00

(Only one piece available)





Chaplet of Saint Charbel

20 July 2015


Saint Charbel was ordained a priest in 1859. He lived a monastic and hermetical life for 23 years in his monastry in Lebanon. In 1898 he was struck with an illness while performing holy mass. He later died and after he was buried, lights were seen around his grave. After exhumation, his body was found to be intact and incorrupt. Hordes of pilgrims from various religious facets started coming to get his intercession. Through this intercession, God has blessed many people with healing and spiritual graces. Saint Charbel was recognized for his Fidelity to his vows, his love for the Eurcharist and his devotion to Our Blessed Virgin Mary. He was beatified in 1965 and canonized in 1977. It is known that miracles continue to occur through the intercession of Saint Charbel to this day. Prayers for the chaplet can be found at

The above chaplet is made up of a white tridacna bead after the St. Charbel medallion in which the "The Father of Truth" prayer is said. On each of the black onyx beads, the "Our Father" and on the first 3 red agate beads, recite the "Hail Mary" to honor the vows of Proverty, Chasity and Obedience. On the next 3 white quartz crystal beads, recite the "Hail Mary" to honor the Holy Eucharist. And on the next 3 blue aquamarine beads, pray the "Hail Mary" to honor Our Blessed Mother. Conclude with the prayer to obtain graces on the medal. The IHS Chalice with angels centerpiece signifies St Charbel's special devotion to the Holy Eucharist.


SGD 38.00

(Currently available)





Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace

Mater Gratiae

23 July 2016


This Carmelite feast day on 23 July concludes the octave of the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. We honor Mary as Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace since she is the Mother of the Son of God, the Author of Grace. Read about the history of our Mother of Divine Grace at:

This rosary is in honor of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace created in green emerald and brown Azurite Chrysocolla gemstones with bronze Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus center piece and bronze mediaeval Crucifix.


SGD 48.00

(Limited stocks-currently available)





St Christopher

Patron Saint of Travellers

25 July 2016


10mm Black Agate with Swarovski clear AB crystal Pater travel bracelet. Adorned with flared crucifix, floral clasp and St Christopher Medal. Bracelet size as pictured: 7.0 inches.


SGD 38.00

(Orders accepted, please enquire)





St James De Compostela Rosary

25 July 2016


St James, son of Zebeedee was one of the 12 apostles of Christ and the first martyr of the Church. According to tradition, his body was taken to Spain and buried at Santiago de Compostela, a place of great veneration for numerous pilgrims today. In the 11th century, the military Order of St James of the Sword was formed to protect pilgrims who are making their pilgrimage to the shrine of St James at Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. The Order also play a role in the Reconquista of Spain from the Moorish occupiers. The scallop shell was a traditional emblem of St James, son of Zebeedee. The grooves of the shell symbolises the various routes of the pilgrims ending at a single destination which is the tomb of St James in Santiago de Compostela.

The above limited edition rosary is created with white jade and red agate accentuated with silver plated scallop findings. The colours of red and white represents the uniform of the Knights of St James. The rosary is also adorned with a very rare scallop center piece bearing the cross of St James, also known as the Santiago Cross or cruz espada and very rare St James of the Sword crucifix.


SGD 68.00

(Please enquire - Limited stocks)





Saint Clare of Assisi

11 August 2016


Latest arrival

Saint Clare is an Italian Saint and one of the first followers of St Francis of Assisi. She founded the Order of Nuns called the 'Poor Clares' following the Franciscan tradition. She later became the abess of San Damiano. It is well known in the Catholic tradition, that she saved her fellow sisters and her convent from invading hordes of saracens sent to invade Assisi by praying to Jesus Christ and holding the monstrance with the Holy Sacrament in sight of the enemy. Upon seeing this, a sudden terror seized their assailants who suddenly fled in haste. Read more here:

We pray for the intercession of Saint Clare to protect and comfort the hearts of those afflicted by, and to convert the hearts of those who have been blinded by this saracenic fundamentalism.

Novena to Saint Clare prayers can be found here:

The above chaplet is designed in Quartz beads with San Damiano crucifix and rare Saint Clare with monstrance medal.


SGD 38.00

(Currently available)





The Rondelle Collection

Our Lady of Good Help

Green Bay, Wisconsin

8 October 2016


Latest Arrival

Adele Brise in 1859, reported to her parish priest of a woman she saw standing inbetween a Hemlock and a Maple tree. The woman was surrounded by a bright light, clothed in dazzling white with a yellow sash around her waist and a crown of stars above her flowing golden locks. The parish priest told her to ask the woman; "In the name of God, who are you and what do you wish of me?", should she see the vision again. When she saw the apparition the third time, she asked the question she was given and the lady replied, "I am the Queen of Heaven, who prays for the conversion of sinners and I wish you to do the same". A chapel was later built at the site of the apparition. On 8 October 1871, a great firestorm broke out and destroyed the entire surroundings of the parish but the chapel and the people who had taken refuge there survived the fire unharmed. This was the only apparition approved by the Catholic Church in the United States.

This rosary is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Help and is designed in clear rondelle crystal Aves with Topaz crystal Paters.


SGD 48.00

(Only one piece available)





The Rondelle Collection

Our Lady of Aparecida

Nossa Senhora Aparecida

'Our Lady who Appeared'


12 October 2016


Latest Arrival

In 1717, three fishermen, after praying to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, went out in their boat to fish. Instead of catching fish after many attempts, the fishermen hauled up a statue of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in two parts. They named the statue 'Our Lady Aparecida' and continued to fish. This time their catch was bountiful. This was the first noted miracle of Our Lady of Aparecida. They cleaned the statue and house it in a church which was built in her name. The village of Aparecida was borned thereafter and the church was later made bigger to cater for the many pilgrims who came and became the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida. The statue was later crowned in 1904 and in 1930, Pope Pius XI proclaimed her the principal patroness of Brazil.

On July, 2013 World Youth Day, Pope Francis venerated the image of Our Lady of Aparecida and celebrated Mass at the Basilica.

The above rosary was dedicated to Our Lady of Aparecida and was designed in black rondelle crystal Aves and brown agate Paters.


SGD 48.00

(Only one piece available)





More rosaries can be found Here and


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Important note:

All of the above articles have not been blessed.

Please proceed to your parish priest to get the liturgical rite of blessing carried out for the devotional articles that you have purchased as soon as possible.


Sacramentals should be used with Faith and Devotion.

"Sacred objects, set aside for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated with reverence. They are not to be made over to secular or inappropriate use, even though they may belong to private persons" - Canon 1171, Code of Canon Law.


" everything for the Glory of God" - 1 Corinthians 10:31



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Ex-stock items and more can be viewed in our archive photo albums at the above link.

Kindly e-mail us the items you wish to have and we will re-order the ex-stock items for you if it is available.


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St. Benedict Crucifix


This is a replica of an Italian St. Benedict Crucifix with a few differences from the original. The most obvious is that it doesn't have 'ITALY' embossed at the feet of the corpus. It also lacks the side lance wounds on the crucified Christ. And lastly, instead of wooden inlays, it has wood-finished laminates. I found this curious crucifix at a flea market not knowing that it is a representation of a St. Benedict Cross. The clarity and details on the medal, on both the front and back, looked extremely intriguing that I bought it after a bit of haggling. 

After some research, I discovered the meanings of the inscriptions and the values of the St. Benedict Cross, notably  its protective attributes as well as its use in exorcising evil. It is also a symbol of strength at the time of death and a constant reminder for us to take up the cross as followers of Christ.

As this site is not a big-money business, I felt it is not necessary to debate about sweat shops in China and persecuted Catholic priests and why Catholics should boycott their products. This site is more about sharing, promoting and sustaining the Catholic faith. The symbol of the Cross and representations of Saints has always been a way of strengthening our faith in God and the Catholic Church together with its traditions and its values. Be it an Italian handmade cross or a China-made replica, it is our faith in God and the Saints that we pray to and not the objects themselves as they are just simply symbols of faith.

I give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ through the intercession of St. Benedict for His grace. At the same time, I pray for the artisans who have tolled to make this replica cross and for persecuted and oppressed priests. I pray for freedom and protection from all forms of evil and prejudice that are manifest in this world and those that we may encounter on a daily basis. St. Benedict, pray for us. Amen.

Kenny - Sept 2011



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However, we like buyers to be aware that nearly all gemstones on the market today have been commonly lab treated to enhance their colour. Heat treatments are used universally to improve colour consistency, stability as well as durability.


At our prices, we do not claim that our semi-precious stones are the world's rarest and most valuable gems or 'jewels'. We are rosary makers, not jewelers. The semi-precious stones that we used are selected for having all the natural beauty of high grade expensive gemstones, but because they are not that rare, we can offer our rosaries at much lower cost. Our semi-precious stones are graded from A to AAA (Mostly flawless to flawless, bright coloration, very nicely drilled to perfectly drilled) in the category of semi-precious gemstones used in high quality costume jewelry and fashion accessories.


Please also note that all natural stones have slight variations in shade, colour, clarity, pattern and inclusions. Although we try to depict the stones in our pictures as accurately as we possibly can, different batches of natural stones will rarely look exactly the same. Please note that the features of the stones on our rosaries may differ slightly with different batches of shipment of our stocks.

Limitation of Liability

There are no warranties, either expressed or implied, or any kind with respect to products sold on this site. In no event shall the owners of this site be liable for special, indirect, consequential damages or injury arising from the products being sold on this site. We advise buyers to exercise due care, discretion and supervision for minors using the above products. Small components can represent a choking hazard and metal parts can cause abrasions if not used with due care.

Our imported medals, crucifixes and findings are made from either oxidised silver or silver/bronze plated zinc alloy that are lead, nickel and cadmium free. Our source metals are safe and commonly used in costume jewelry and fashion accessories worldwide.


After Sales Service

Limited only to replacement, adjustment or re-alignment of connecting hardware that have been damaged or may have been unfastened due to wear and tear on all of our products. We do not replace damaged or lost crucifixes, medals, beads, bead caps, clasps and other ornate parts that may have to be purchased separately if available. Also please read about caring for your gemstones below. Replacement of discolored gemstones due to improper care may also have cost implications.

Items with connecting hardware issues must be returned to us in its existing condition (eg. not modified or been tampered with). We reserve the right to charge additional repair charges as the case may be. Customers are responsible for all return shipping. We do not accept responsibility for items lost in transit if they have not been returned via registered mail.

Taking Care of your Rosary and Rosary Bracelet.

Please read.

When praying or wearing, protect your rosary and bracelet respectively from water, chemicals, perfume, direct sunlight and rough handling.

Never cause your wired bracelet to be bent at sharp angles as it should be maintained to keep its roundness to fit your wrist. Excessive bending especially at odd angles can cause wire fatigue, deformation and subsequent breakage. However, we now only use heavy duty rosary cords for rosary bracelets for more flexibility and durability. Also avoid accidental tugging, pulling or unnecessary tension when using your rosary or bracelets. Do not pull too hard when trying to put on the bracelet or getting tangled rosaries out of your handbag as it may cause the jump rings to open resulting in lost parts. Be gentle and never drop your rosary or bracelet on hard surfaces.

For cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth over the gem-stones to remove bodily oils and grit. Gently rub over stones and metal parts to restore the light shine. It is not recommended to wash your silver plated and gemstone jewelry in water as chemicals in tap water may tarnish the silver. Some gemstones are porous and may absorb water leading to discoloration. Avoid water especially on Rhodochrosite, Lapis Lazuli, Agates, Emerald, Coral, Howlite, Turquoise, Moonstone and Mother of Pearls. Always remove your silver gemstone jewelry before taking a bath or going swimming. When storing, avoid putting it in a place where it might be subjected to kinks, knots and possible deformation. Always store your rosaries in separate, dedicated compartment in your handbag to protect it from scratches and to avoid getting it tangled with other objects. Keep rosary bracelets in separate soft pouches and lay it flat with the clasps secured in your drawer or jewelry box. Store it in an air-tight container if possible or in a zip-block bag. This is to keep the moisture and humidity in the air out as it will tarnish the silver over time. Always wipe and fan dry your bracelets after being in the rain as the inherent chemicals in rain water will also tarnish the silver. Keeping your silver gemstone bracelet dry will prevent the silver from being tarnished. It will also ensure that the lustre of the gemstones are being preserved.

Finally, always inspect the jump rings for accidental openings, connectors and loops for any slippages after frequent usage or after accidental mis-handling or snagging. Most lost crucifixes and medals are due to accidental opening of the jump rings. Should your rosary breaks for any reason whatsoever, do try to recover the beads as lost beads may be difficult to to replace or match due to availability or colour inconsistency.

Treat your rosary and rosary bracelet as fine jewelry and when used with care, affection and devotion, your rosary and bracelet will last you a long time.


Customisation Policy


All of the items in this online shop can be customised to your individual desired design preferences and requirements.

A 30% prepayment will now apply for all custom requests. The balance of the cost will be paid upon collection of the finished customised product. We are now able to carry out customisation and re-orders in-house locally which can be completed within 2 days or earlier of your order. However, all custom requests are subjected to availability of parts and materials, if applicable. Requirement for prepayment can be waived if buyers sincerely promise to collect.


To determine your correct wrist size, measure the actual circumference of your wrist at the wrist bone. Use a tape measure and please do not guess to avoid inaccurate measurements and disappointment.  We will add the necessary allowances based on the actual wrist size given. Accuracy is important as subsequent request for resizing will be chargeable.

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Sales Policy

As rosaries and rosary bracelets are very slow moving commodities, we cannot reserve any products unless payment has been made for it via bank transfer. We will have to release the products on a first come first serve basis. We seek your understanding on our predicament.

Also, please allow 2 days for re-stocking on all re-orders before collection. All rosaries and bracelets comes in organza gift pouches.

We strictly do not adopt 'hard sell' tactics as we believe in Divine Purpose, God's precious gift of free choice, and goodwill among men.

We also do not mark up our prices to allow for discounts. Our prices are reasonably fixed for this category of gemstones rosaries.

All orders which are not collected will be put on sale on our website. Customised orders which are not collected will be dismantled and restrung into our standard rosaries and put on sale accordingly.

"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" - Thassalonians 5:18


For Singapore Buyers

We do not have a retail shop as we are not a big business and we cannot afford the rent nor can we sustain a living on slow moving merchandise.

We are just a small part-time Catholic endeavor promoting devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Rosary.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to personally view any of the above items.

Cash and carry available in Singapore only. We are located in Toa Payoh.


To order, simply cut and paste the description or picture of the items that you want in your email and sent it to our email address below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you do not get our reply, please check your trash folder. Thank you.


For local mail order and delivery via local registered non-standard mail in Singapore, we accept money transfers via DBS/POSB banks (preferred).

Please add SGD 5.00 per batch purchases to cover registered local mail postage, packaging and handling.

 Local delivery time will be around 2 to 3 days. Please note that the post office's maximum compensation liability is SGD 68.00 per package for lost registered items.

Please email us your order before making payment.


For payment through and local delivery via local registered non-standard mail in Singapore, please add 8% to total costs (including registered postage, packaging and handling costs) for Paypal transaction charges.

Please email us your order before making payment.


Express courier delivery available to selected local locations in Singapore at SGD27.00. Please enquire.


Viewing of Rosaries

For those who wish to view our rosaries before buying, please do not expect to view in a plush air-conditioned shop at the shopping mall. We regret that viewing will be carried out at the void deck of our residence as we do not have a shop. Viewing/collection is usually after 6.30pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends by appointment only. Viewing is limited to the rosaries that we have in stock. We suggest that viewers shortlist the rosaries that they prefer and sent us the list before coming to view. Rosaries marked as 'Sold' or 'Please enquire' have to be pre-ordered and are not available for viewing.


For International Buyers

We accept for all international transactions (preferred). For international registered mail, an indicative cost would be SGD 7.60 for postage, packaging and handling. Please also add 8% to total costs (including registered postage, packaging and handling costs) for Paypal transaction charges as we do not factor in this cost into the cost of our rosaries for transparency. Delivery period will be about 10 working days.


We also accept payment via hassle-free international money transfer/remittance service. Pls notify us before remitting the payment.


We now accept overseas payment via VISA personal payments.

Please notify us if you wish to pay via the VISA network, and we will provide the necessary details for you to make the payment.


Please e-mail us your order before making payment and we will advise actual shipping cost.

Please also enquire when purchasing multiple items for optimal batching and packaging.


We ship to United States, South America, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

For other destinations, please enquire.




Kindly note that shipping does not include insurance unless specified.

We maintain a no-return policy and do not take any responsibility once the goods leaves our hands at the post office.

However we will forward a copy of the shipping documentation as proof of dispatch/delivery and for tracking purposes.

Please note: The post office has a maximum liability value of SGD 68.00 per package for lost registered articles.


For all enquires, orders or assistance, please contact Kenny at




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Dominus vobiscum, Et cum spiritu tuo


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